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Florida Truck Parking is the premiere truck parking solution in Orlando, FL.

Before we got started, we noticed there was a big gap in the industry. We looked for more reliable, convenient, and privately accessible truck parking solutions, and we came up short. So, we created Florida Truck Parking to solve a few of the trucking industry’s biggest problems.

At Florida Truck Parking, we offer outdoor truck storage and parking solutions that prioritize your safety and convenience. We serve a variety of commercial users that help keep them safe on the road. Our mission to own and operate high-quality, safe and convenient outdoor storage yards so that our members can easily access these parking solutions while they are travelling.

We offer private membership for our truck drivers because we believe that all truckers deserve:

And we are here to deliver it.

We address problems within the trucking industry to save you the hassle and keep you safe on the road.
PARKING SCARCITY Trouble finding semi-truck parking in your area?

Many neighborhoods have weight restrictions, regulations, and other rules that prohibit parking a semi-truck on the property. City ordinances also prohibit parking large, oversized vehicles in front of a home or business. Also, other parking lots or storage businesses do not allow semis to mix with other stored items, like boats or RVs. This leaves truck drivers with a large problem of where to safely park, which leads them to idle at vacant gas stations, highway easements, or other unsafe, temporary locations.

We have solved this problem by offering a space for every sized truck. We provide you with a fully fenced facility to keep your truck secure all day and night, so you no longer have to wonder where you will park each time you go on a trip. We offer both short- and long-term parking solutions so that you have consistent, safe access to your parking spot.


Many truck drivers are tired after a long day on the road. However, with the scarcity of parking solutions, they need to settle for gas stations, easements, rest stops, and other inconvenient spaces. However, these spaces are not always appropriate for oversized vehicles, and this can cause headaches while drivers try to find their way off the road safely. Many of these locations do not have an appropriate turning radius, or they may even prohibit trucks from pumping gas. This can leave you driving around to find a place that accommodates your size and needs.

At Florida Truck Parking, we have dedicated parking spots to meet the needs of any oversized truck. We recognize that time is money, and we want to make the process as smooth and convenient as possible. We offer many features that save you time on refueling, washing, and replacing tires so that you can focus on what really matters in your life. With access to additional amenities, you can simplify your drive.

If you are looking for a convenient and reliable truck parking in Orlando, contact our dedicated team to learn more today!

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